A Classical Christian Method. A Timeless Result.

Mars Hill Academy begins with the goal of uniting all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom under Christ to cultivate virtue and rightly ordered affections among our students. In today’s culture, our children desperately need a firm foundation rooted in the truth of God’s Word. We are committed to reclaiming education within a framework that rests on learning truth, loving beauty, and living lives of goodness unto our Lord and Savior. 

To this end, Mars Hill Academy assists Christian parents with the spiritual formation of their children and equips students with skills that last a lifetime – critical thinking, logical reasoning, persuasive writing, and powerful speaking. From the first morning of Pre-Kindergarten to graduation day, MHA students build a firm foundation that stands the test of time.

  • Distinctly Christian
  • Distinctively Classical
  • Intentionally Integrated

Our entire curriculum is delivered from a Christian worldview deeply rooted in God's Word. Using the Bible as a primary learning tool and the lens through which they view the world around them, MHA students grow in their knowledge, understanding, and love for God and in their desire to serve Him in all they do.

Classical, Christian education has a rich history and has produced some of the world's greatest leaders and thinkers. Used for millennia as a proven method for building sharp minds and a genuine love of learning, the classical model is intentionally structured to complement the natural development of children at every age.

It equips students with the most important tools of learning: the ability to read, memorize, understand, think, reason, write persuasively and speak eloquently. Classical methodology is built upon the three subjects (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric) of the Trivium.

Our youngest students build a solid framework of knowledge that will serve them for life. Using formal logic as a tool, students in grades 7-8 students learn how to apply the knowledge gained during their Grammar years, sharpen their abilities to evaluate differing opinions, pursue learning on their own, and defend their faith. Having become logical thinkers, Rhetoric School students focus on integrating and communicating truth eloquently and persuasively. They begin to solidify their own opinions and are equipped to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

Bible is not just a separate subject at Mars Hill Academy – rather the Word of God is the center of everything we do and teach. Subjects are integrated and expressed as part of a greater whole defined by Christian truth. Students are taught logic in mathematics, science in the light of history, and literature alongside rhetoric.