Mr. Dustin Battles

Choir Director

Mercy Baptist Church pastor Dustin Battles shares his love of music with upper school students as the Choir Director for grades 7-12. He trained for pastoral ministry and music (trombone, voice, choral music) at Bob Jones University, where he received his B.A., M.A., and M.Div. He has sung in high-level and professional choirs across the country, such as Rivertree Singers and Cincinnati's Vocal Arts Ensemble, and has directed choirs in various parts of the country.

In music classes during college, he met his wife Megan, who is an accomplished accompanist in higher education and at their local church. Dustin and Megan enjoy performing music together. Dustin is also a published hymn writer and lyricist. Dustin and Megan have two sons, Clark and Jonah.