Cultivation of the Heart

A classical, Christ-centered education is more concerned with formation than information, with teaching children to love the good, true, and beautiful rather than simply knowing facts. In addition to learning truth, students develop a love for the beautiful and are equipped to live a life of goodness unto the Lord.

Deeply rooted in God’s Word, our academic program strives to unite all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom under Christ and is designed to cultivate virtue and rightly ordered affections among students.

In today’s culture, cultivation of the heart is imperative. Mars Hill Academy assists Christian parents with the spiritual formation of their children and equips students with knowledge and wisdom that last a lifetime – critical thinking, logical reasoning, persuasive writing, and powerful speaking. From the first morning of PreK to graduation day, Mars Hill students build a firm foundation that stands the test of time.

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Early Learning (Grades Pre-K through Kindergarten)

During these formative years, your child’s imagination and curiosity are nurtured through lessons that instill a sense of wonder at God's grace and role as Creator.  

Grammar (Grades PK-6)

Your child will build a strong framework of knowledge in a lively environment through music, movement, rhymes, and singing. Subjects are integrated to reinforce the truth that God created a universe, not a pluriverse.

Logic (Grades 7-8) 

Working with the natural inclinations of young men and women, your child is trained to question ideas effectively and with the love of Christ. Classes are marked by ample discussion as students apply critical thinking skills, which are developed in formal logic classes.

Rhetoric (Grades 9-12) 

Your child will learn to winsomely and persuasively communicate truth to influence the world for God’s glory. Rhetoric training refines the ability to recognize ideas, form an argument, and communicate eloquently and convincingly, all to prepare your child to be a confident, thoughtful adult.