Building a Firm Foundation

In Mars Hill Academy Grammar School (grades PreK-6), we intentionally cultivate the genuine and lifelong love of learning through classic children’s literature, vibrant and interactive history and geography studies; engaging math, science, and language exercises; and the life-enriching classes of art and music.

Your child will build strong fundamentals in the “grammar” (i.e., basic elements) of the core disciplines in a lively environment through music, repetition, movement, rhymes, and singing. Subjects are not taught in isolation, but rather are integrated to show the intricate connections between God and His created world. Art, music, and physical education are vital to life at Mars Hill. God’s Word is at the core of every subject.

Children are taught to “love their neighbor” by respecting the image of God in their teachers and classmates. Classrooms are orderly and safe, and teachers provide an ideal learning environment for your child.