Evaluating Beauty through Art

As a classical and Christian school, Mars Hill Academy seeks to cultivate in our students not only a love for truth and goodness, but beauty as well. Art classes offered PreK – 12th grade provide students the opportunity to develop artistic skills in a variety of mediums while learning to evaluate beauty in light of timeless principles and objective standards. 



  • Classical & Christian Art Distinctives
  • Medium & Method
  • Art Forms
  • Art Show

As with truth and goodness, objective standards for beauty are rooted in the nature of God and are expressed in His Word and His works. Having been made in God’s image, we are “sub-creators” who reflect and glorify Him as we create works of beauty. We are all artists privileged to serve under the Master Artist. At Mars Hill Academy our goal is to understand, appreciate, and pursue the aesthetic dimension in all of life.

Students explore elements of design through a variety of mediums: stained glass, ceramics, textiles, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, pencil drawing, pastel, and charcoal. They begin by learning the grammar of art (such as the elements of design and perspective), and progress through the logic of art (reasoning through best methods for composition) which culminates in the poetic expression of art in personal masterpieces.

Students learn portraiture, still life, landscape, calligraphy, architecture, design/pattern, and drawing (perspective, proportion, and composition). Through art history and art replicas, they study the application of design elements in master works and other original works to gain experience and develop skill in visual composition.

Rhetoric students present their artwork to the school community in the annual art show each spring. Student art can also be admired in the hallways throughout the school year.