Nurturing Our Loves: Building a Classical Home

By Mark Cotterman, Head of School
March 6, 2019

You might find the idea of building a classical home a compelling idea, but what does that practically mean? 

When I meet with new families who are considering Mars Hill, I always share the same encouragement. When what you do at home is re-enforced by what we do at school and what we do at school is re-enforced by what you do at home, there is a beautiful fit. 

We all have unique family rhythms and routines. However, here are a few ideas we all can implement to help our families thrive. 

In addition to Scripture, read great literature together. We read great, time-tested literature at school, and you can extend this reading at home. Request your child’s reading list and read the books together. Not only does this model lifelong reading habits for your child, but it also allows you as parents to connect with your students through discussions. 

Enjoy good art and music. Plan regular outings to the art museum and symphony together as a family.

Savor family time. Schedule time to play games as a family and watch high-quality movies. We have families that regularly schedule Friday or Saturday evenings to spend time together, enjoying quality entertainment and building memories.

Explore outdoors. Schedule family walks in local parks and talk about God’s creation as you spend time together.

Set aside time to unplug.  The research on  the impact of device usage is overwhelming. Electronic devices are rewiring our brains. Steward the time you and your children are on devices. Consider having no screens at the dinner table and limited to certain hours of the day.

Limit video game time. Research the games your child plays and consider playing the game together so you understand the content to which they are being exposed. 

At MHA, we work hard to select classic books, music, and art to share with our students. We eliminate phones and video games — even as the academic culture is moving in the direction of integrating screen time. We want our kids to play outside at recess and play games together. Together — school, church, and home — we can nurture our love for truth, beauty, and goodness.