Mars Hill


As an independent school, Mars Hill Academy does not accept funding from local, state or federal governments, or religious denominations. Our independence permits us to provide a true classical and Christian educational experience that is pure in mission, vision and result, and free from outside oversight or control.


Mars Hill Academy integrates the teaching of all subjects because our world, our faith, and our lives are an integrated whole. Students are taught ethics in biology, history in mathematics and Bible in art, and are led to understand all things as part of a greater whole defined by Christian truth. Bible is not a separate subject at Mars Hill, but part of everything we do and teach.


Mars Hill Academy promotes a distinctly Christian worldview. We present all subjects as defined by Christian truth, and lead students to evaluate all human knowledge and experience in light of the Scriptures. Our graduates possess a deep understanding of their world; the ability to discern truth, beauty, and goodness; and the tools to influence the world for God's glory.


Mars Hill Academy utilizes the proven classical model of education developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Refined through the ages and reintroduced in the United States, this method produces true scholars: students who love to learn, think clearly, listen carefully, reason and write persuasively, and speak precisely.